In today’s world, water is contaminated and not safe for drinking. Therefore it is necessary to have water purifiers to get clean water. The water purifiers not only clean water from dirt, but also they keep it healthy by removing disease-causing bacteria such as cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, and cancer. The UV water purifier can kill almost 99.99% of harmful microorganisms present in water. However, finding the best UV water purifier might be challenging for most of you.

In this article, we will review the 7 best UV water purifiers available in India. By doing thorough research, we have shortlisted these water purifiers for you. 

Best UV Water Purifiers

ImageProductSpecs  Price
Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight water purifierEureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight (RO+UV+MTDS) water purifierTechnology: RO+UV+MTDS
Capacity: 7 Liters
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HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV water purifierHUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UVTechnology: RO+UV
 7 Liters
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V-Guard Zenora RO+UV+MB 7 Litre Water PurifierV-Guard Zenora RO+UV+MB Water PurifierTechnology: RO+UV+MB
 7 Liters
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Kent Ultra Storage 7 Ltr, UV and UF Water PurifierKent Ultra UV and UF Water PurifierTechnology: UV+UF
 7 Liters
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A.O.Smith X2 UV + UF water purifierA.O.Smith X2 UV + UF Water PurifierTechnology: UV+UF
 5 Liters
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Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineralizer Electric Water PurifierLivpure Glo RO+UV+Mineralizer Electric Water PurifierTechnology: RO+UV+Mineralizer
 7 Liters
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Kent Maxx UV + UF water purifier Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Aquaflo DX UV Water PurifierTechnology: UV
 7 Liters
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The Price and Quality of a water purifier differ from brand to brand. So, there are a few factors you need to consider before buying any water purifier. We recommend you to go through our buying guide to know the in-depth details.

7 Best UV Water Purifier in India

1. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight (RO+UV+MTDS) water purifier

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight water purifier

It is the best water purifier and a perfect choice for your home. Eureka Forbes Aquasure water purifier uses RO+UV+MTDS purification technology to clean water. It is suitable for TDS up to 2000 ppm.

This water purifier is equipped with a TDS regulator (MTDS), that allows you to adjust the taste of water as per the water source. The storage capacity of this purifier is 7 liters.

The purifier has an energy-saving mode that will switch off the power supply automatically once the tank is full. The company offers 1  year of warranty on Water Purifier and Installation kit.


  • 6 stages of purification
  • Capacity: 7 liters tank
  • Smart LED indication
  • RO+UV+MTDS purification
  • TDS regulator
  • Free installation
  • 1 Year Warranty
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2. HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV

HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV water purifier

Pureit is one of the trusted water purifier brands in India. It is another best water purifier in India which is manufactured by HUL Pureit.

This purifier uses RO + UV technology that provides 6 stage purification. And makes water safe for you by removing harmful bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and pesticides. The purifier is suitable to treat multiple sources of water like municipal, borewell, and tanker water.

It has a storage capacity of 7 liters of drinking water. HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral water purifier comes with a Smart Power Saving Mode to save your electricity.


  • 6 stage purification
  • Capacity: 7 liters
  • RO + UV technology
  • TDS up to 2000 ppm
  • Smart Power Saving Mode
  • Free installation 
  • 1-year warranty
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3. V-Guard Zenora RO+UV+MB Water Purifier

V-Guard Zenora RO+UV+MB 7 Litre Water Purifier

V-Guard Zenora uses RO + UV +MB purification technology followed by double Layer Protection with RO + UV.

This purifier has two variants. Another variant comes with RO + UF + MB  purification technology. It is suitable for borewell, tanker, and municipal water. It has a storage tank capacity of 7 liters of water.

The purifier features an LED indicator to indicate a low-pressure alert and tank full. V-guard provides a true 1-year comprehensive warranty, which includes free replacement of 2 pre-filters, 2 pre-emptive maintenance services, one free re-installation with no visit charge.


  • RO+UV+MB Purification technology
  • 8 Stage Purification
  • 7L Storage Tank
  • LED Indicators
  • Suitable for TDS up to 2000 ppm
  • Free Installation
  • True One Year Comprehensive Warranty
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4. Kent Ultra UV and UF Water Purifier

Kent Ultra water purifier makes your water clean and safe to drink. It uses a double purification process by UF and UV to remove dead bacteria, viruses, and cysts from water.

Kent Ultra has an 11W high power UV lamp, which inactivates the microorganisms present in water. The purifier can store 7 liters of purified water. And it can purify 60 liters of water in one hour. 

This purifier comes with filter change and UV change alarm, which indicate the time of replacement of filter and UV lamp for safety and convenience. It is ideal for inlet water having TDS less than 200 ppm since it uses UV and UF technology that does not remove dissolved impurities.


  • UV+UF technology
  • High Power 11W UV Lamp
  • Filter change and UV change alarm
  • 60 liters per hour purification capacity
  • 1-year warranty
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5. A.O.Smith X2 UV + UF Water Purifier

A.O.Smith X2 UV + UF water purifier

A.O smith X2 is a beautifully crafted dual-color water purifier. In this purifier water passes through 5 stage purification i.e Sediment filter + Fine Sediment + Carbon block + UV lamp + UF. This UV purifier is suitable for low TDS water such as municipal treated water supply.

A.O smith X2 water purifier features UV life alert, which indicates in advance when the UV lamp needs to be changed. In this water purifier, you will get 5 liters of storage capacity, ideal for a medium-size family. 


  • UV + UF technology
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Digital display
  • UV life alert
  • 5 stage purification
  • 1-year warranty
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6. Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineralizer Electric Water Purifier

Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineralizer Electric Water Purifier

It is another best water purifier in India that comes with an elegant and sleek design. Livpure Glo water purifier comes with a capacity of 7 liters. This purifier features a multi-stage purification process to ensure that water is safe for you.

It has a mineralizer which will keep the essential minerals safe in the water. This purifier can purify 12 liters of water per hour. The Company provides 1 year of product warranty.


  • 6 stage water purification
  • 7L storage capacity
  • RO+UV+Mineralizer Technology
  • LED indicators
  • 1-year warranty
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7. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Aquaflo DX UV Water Purifier

Kent Maxx UV + UF water purifier

If you are looking for the best water purifier equipped with only UV technology, this is your buy. It has a dual cartridge that can eliminate suspended particles, organic compounds, and odor from the drinking water to make it taste sweet.

Aquaguard Aquaflo DX water purifier features an in-built voltage stabilizer which ensures that your purifier works flawlessly even during voltage fluctuations or low voltage.

It is ideal for low TDS water since it only has UV purification technology. 


  • UV purification technology
  • Smart indicators
  • In-built voltage stabilizer
  • Mineral guard to retain essential minerals
  • 1-year warranty
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Buying guide for UV water purifier

There are many water purifier brands available in India. Choosing the best one will not only save your money but also your family’s lives too. So, below we have discussed a few factors which will be helping you choose the best UV water purifier. 

1. Water Quality:

The quality of water that you get at your home can differ from one area to another. Some water has invisible germs and viruses that can harm your health, while some are filled with contaminants.

The Contaminants found on water surfaces include manganese, iron, fulvic, and humic acid. These impurities reduce the transmission of UV radiation that kills microorganisms. 

In such cases, RO technology helps you. RO has a semi-permeable membrane with a poring size of 0.0005 microns. These pores remove the tiniest of dissolved salts, metals, and impurities. Once these contaminants are filtered, UV radiation disinfects the water. 

As per W.H.O, the allowable limit of TDS (Total Dissolved Salts or solids) in drinking water should be between 50-120 ppm and the pH should be above 7.4. 

If you get water from a municipal corporation, TDS should be below 120 ppm. If you get water from bore systems like tube well, groundwater then it is advisable to buy a water purifier with at least RO technology because they are high in TDS.

It would be best if you purchase a water purifier with RO + UV + UF technology.

2. Storage and Usage:

The average daily consumption of water of each household is different. Like, a family with 1-2 members will have less usage than a family with 4-5 members.

If your daily usage is high, you would be needing a high-power and higher out-put rate purifier that can filter a large water source efficiently. 

UV water purifiers require electricity to produce water for you. You cannot get UV water in case of a power cut. So, it would be better to buy a purifier with additional water storage. First, know the water consumption in your family, then decide the device accordingly.

3. UV Lamp Lifespan and Fail Alarm

UV water purifiers have a UV lamp which penetrates the UV rays to disinfect the water. Some UV lamps last for a very long time, but at some point, you may have to change them. So you have to check out how often you will have to change the lamp and its replacement cost.

Also, check for the UV fail alarm feature in the purifier. As UV rays are invisible, it is difficult to know whether the UV lamp is working or not.

If your UV lamp is not working, it will not disinfect the water. With the help of this feature, you will get to know whenever there is a need to change the lamp.

4. Purification Technology

The easiest way to pick from many water purifier brands is to compare their purification technologies. The water quality affects due to the technology used in a purifier. 

RO (Reverse Osmosis) Technology: The RO purification process uses a partially permeable membrane to remove metals, ions, unwanted molecules, and larger particles from drinking water.

It is one of the most often used technologies for purifying water. In this whole process, the quality of a membrane is the game-changer. 

UF (Ultrafiltration) Technology: UF is a type of membrane filtration in which hydrostatic pressure forces water against a semipermeable membrane to remove impurities. This membrane is a thin-layer material that can eliminate chemical and biological impurities in the water. This water purification system removes impurities such as natural contaminants, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

UV (Ultraviolet) Technology: Ultraviolet water purification is the most effective method for disinfecting bacteria or viruses from the water. The UV system uses Ultraviolet rays to kill germs present in water.

UV systems deactivate harmful living organisms without adding any chemicals or changing your water’s taste or odor. This technology is usually used with other forms of filtration, such as RO technology.

5. Installation and Customer Support

It is essential to buy a purifier that can be installed at your ease. Some water purifiers can be wall mount or can be placed on the tabletop. You can choose as per your preference.

Most of the water purifier brands provide free installation. So, make sure that the brand you choose gives free installation and after-sale service. 

Also, the brand should provide excellent customer support to resolve your issues. You can check the reviews of other users to know the services provided by the company. 

6. Warranty

It is better to buy a water purifier with a maximum warranty period. Most of the famous brands provide 1 to 2 years of manufacturing warranty. Make sure to look after the things covered under warranty.


Choosing a low-quality water purifier can risk your life. There is various type of Water Purifiers available in the market. So, we tried to include the best UV water purifier on our list.

Our buying guide section will help you to choose the perfect one for yourself. Also, we recommend you to test the TDS of supply water then decide accordingly.


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